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Our Mission

SPARK serves as an entry point and leadership pipeline for new social justice leaders, and a political home for Black women and young people, centering Black queer women, trans folx and folx living outside the gender binary. We utilize arts, culture and media to build resources for and shift narratives about our communities. SPARK engages in power building through grassroots organizing, advocacy, knowledge-building, and political development of our base and members in Georgia and across the US South.

Our Vision

SPARK envisions a world free from economic, social, political, cultural and sexual oppression – especially anti-Black oppression; where Black queer women and young people, including trans folx and folx living outside the gender binary have access to rest and thrive. We seek to bring about a world wherein communities center and hold each other’s humanity with love, grace, joy, healing, and accountability. We imagine a future where marginalized people have the autonomy to make decisions about their lives, bodies, sexuality, and reproduction free from fear, stigma and shame. We envision a world where our people get to be their and their ancestors’ wildest dreams.

Our Values

SPARK’s work and culture is rooted in principles of love, joy, and connection.
We value radical rest and wellness as practices of liberation.
We honor fluidity, adaptability and growth as practices that allow us all to stand in our authenticity, intentionality and truth.
We strive to center folx who exist further in the margins, and prioritize their needs and ideas.
We engage in principled struggle as a means to build deeper relationships and communities and to lean into trust, honesty, grace, and accountability.
We value freedom, equity, and accessible autonomy that is complete and unobstructed in all facets.

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