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Agbo Ikor (she/her)
Policy and Advocacy Director

Agbo is a womanist from Stockbridge, GA. Though always interested in civil rights and feminism, Agbo did not become more fully involved in activism and social justice until she attended Vanderbilt University, receiving a Bachelor’s in Women and Gender Studies, Psychology, and Philosophy. Agbo has worked with Atlanta Women for Equality to fight sexual discrimination at school and work, and hopes to extend her passions into a career in social work and the law. Agbo hopes to work with SPARK to bring holistic reproductive change in the state she loves and the rest of the deep south.

RJ Is… a movement that fights to give the most marginalized identities, bodily autonomy and access to reproductive health services. It is the unique marriage of social justice and reproductive rights and is one of the most — if not the most — important movement to a truly just society.