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Carter Aldavé (they/them)
Admin, People, & Culture Manager

Carter was born in North Carolina but raised in Georgia. They have been involved in activism, organizing, and social justice since 2015. Their journey started with a focus on racial justice and has since grown to include queer and trans liberation, disability justice, environmental justice, and of course reproductive justice. Carter is passionate about the ways that learning more comprehensive interpersonal communication and care can lead to liberation for us all. The focus of their work at SPARK is on supporting their team in having everything they need to get the work done, including opportunities to explore how the relationships with one another inform the work that we do and how we show up in the world. 

In their free time, Carter enjoys a good party, reading, and traveling as much as possible.

RJ Is… undeniable right of people of any gender or circumstance to have access to whatever means necessary to thrive.