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Dr. Krystal Redman (they, she)
Executive Director

Dr. Krystal Redman is a self-published Author, and a frequent speaker throughout public health and reproductive health, and justice industries. Her latest book is entitled “I am Amyracle….and i was born early.” Dr. Redman brings over 13 years of experience in managing health promotion and disease prevention initiatives, as well as public health access and community-based youth development programs. Prior to her current tenure as Executive Director of SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, Dr. Redman served as the Family Planning Director, Maternal and Child Health, at the Georgia Department of Public Health, where she worked on creating greater healthcare access for Georgians. She has worked in Chief leadership roles for organizations serving under resourced youth and womxn; and as a Chief of Operations and Clinical Director for a California based system of 24-ambulatory care mental health and addiction treatment and prevention programs. Dr. Redman is also an Adjunct Professor at Emory School of Public Health and a leader of a breast cancer organization. Dr. Redman received her Bachelors of Science in Sociology from University of California, Riverside and a Masters of Health Administration from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She received her Doctorates of Public Health from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California.

Board Statement: SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! Announces New Executive Director

RJ is… not just about our prerogative to survive, but to thrive. RJ is Black and Queer liberation. RJ is freedom. RJ is being able to be free from violence, oppression, systemic inequities, and anything else that prohibits us from being free. RJ amplifies bodily autonomy and self determination. As someone who centers their work in RJ, public health and Black liberation — I have come to realize the intersections of RJ and public health. It is about ensuring that WE (those navigating multiple oppressions) have sustainable resources, equitable access to housing, employment/benefits/pay, culturally humble treatment and care, education (without debt), and much more — for ourselves, families and communities. It is “US” being able to navigate life without fear and barriers/policies/systems etc. that are put in place because of the identities that we hold. RJ is the dismantling of oppressive systems rooted in white supremacy — that were built intentionally against us. RJ is — Black, brown, womxn, Queer, Trans, non-binary, indigenous, those with disabilities — RJ is US.