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Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE)

The Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE) program develops the civic leadership of queer & trans youth of color and ally youth of color living in the Southeast in the reproductive justice movement.

FYRE develops leaders through internships, social media engagement, our annual FYRE Media Justice Camp, the IGNITE Queer & Trans Youth of Color Convening, trainings and technical assistance for student leaders, art, and by conducting community-based research.

Since 2009, the FYRE program has amplified the voices of queer & trans youth of color by:

  • Hosting 35 LGBTQQ youth of color at 8 FYRE Media Justice Camps resulting in 6 short films on coming out, bullying, sexual health, healthcare access, violence, and abortion, 3 blogs, a self-expression photo exhibition of 72 images showcased in a local gallery, a multi-segment podcast on current reproductive and racial justice issues, and a short play on liberation and bodily autonomy.
  • Organizing the first trans and queer youth of color reproductive justice conference in the Southeast, IGNITE, providing 15 workshops to 85 youth from 13 southern states.
  • Distributing over 1000 copies of SPARK’s FIRE art/resource zine nationally.

For details on our individual FYRE Media Justice Camps (FMJC), click the links below:

FMJC 2023
FMJC 2022
FMJC 2021
FMJC 2019
FMJC 2018
FMJC 2016
FMJC 2015
FMJC 2014
FMJC 2013

To learn more about FYRE and lend your time and energy towards amplifying the power of queer and trans youth of color, email us at!