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To celebrate Giving Tuesday this year, SPARK is taking the entire month of November as an opportunity to raise funds for some of our unique programming and organizational needs!

We present to you… SPARK’s Giving Month!

With each donation, you will receive SWAG from SPARK! CLICK HERE for information!

Learn about our “Giving Month” highlighted programs/initiatives below!
You can click the colorful titles for more information!

Informing our base and legislators of key RJ issues in order to transform power and shift policy priorities.

Developing the civic leadership of queer & trans youth of color and ally youth of color living in the SE in the RJ movement.

Assist Trans and Non-binary folks in navigating the name and gender marker change process by providing resources.

Funding that we disperse directly to our base to support their immediate needs.

Internal leadership development and organizational infrastructure.

We’re giving SWAG out to our amazing donors!

Donation AmountSWAG Thank you
$0-$203 stickers
$21-$50notebook, pen, 2 stickers
$51-$80tote bag, notebook, pen, 2 stickers
$81-$100travel mug, notebook, pen, 2 stickers
$101+travel mug, tote bag, pen, notebook, 2 stickers