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Leadership Development

Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE)

The Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE) program was founded in 2010 and develops the civic leadership of Queer & Trans young people of color and ally young people of color living in the South. FYRE develops leaders primarily through the FYRE Media Justice Camp (FMJC) as well as internships, social media engagement, the IGNITE Queer & Trans Youth of Color Convening, trainings and technical assistance for student leaders, art, and by conducting community-based research.

SPARK Fellowship

The SPARK Fellowship is a leadership development, research, and organizing fellowship designed to introduce fellows to Reproductive Justice and the RJ Movement. SPARK will be providing fellows with all of the RJ trainings in our wheelhouse. Afterwards, SPARK Fellows will be working towards their own individual RJ projects or a bigger project they may decide to do together. The project(s) should fit SPARK’s mission. The project(s) will be required to have an advocacy/outreach component, an educational/facilitation component, and a program implementation component.