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Trans* Leadership Initiative

Trans* Leadership Initiative (TLI) is a grassroots mobilizing and base building effort to engage Trans* young people of color (TYPOC) to become leaders in their community, to build connections, create trans-positive policy/legislation and health-specific programming that speaks to the issues of our communities, and to engage participants in advocacy and education efforts.

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Speak Justice Take Action (SJTA)

The SJTA program includes informing our base and legislators of key reproductive justice issues in order to transform power and shift policy priorities. We engage our constituency in action-oriented political mobilization, online activism, organizing, research, advocacy, and political education.

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Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE)

TheĀ Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE) program aims to develop the civic leadership of Queer & Trans young people of color and ally young people of color living in the South.

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The JusticeNOW2024 is a cross-movement power building and power shifting national conference that aims to provide an intentional and inimitable space for folx to unite for the advancement of Reproductive Justice.

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