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S’haleam Bandy (he/him/they/them)
Communications Associate

S’haleam is a black trans multi-disciplined artist from the South. he studied playwriting and poetry, and as a performance poet and producer learned marketing and communication skills such as graphic design and SEO. They worked as a Theater and Poetry teaching artist, where thy received training in Restorative Justice, and the transformative processes of conflict resolution. Recently, he has been studying Python to further my communications studies, and continue to advocate for trans and queer folx, at large, using technological mediums as mental and medical health resources/beacons. They are so excited to work with Spark RJ and to call somewhere like it home. 

RJ Is… an active commitment to adhering to and challenging, amending policy, socio-issues directly correlated with generational trauma that adversely affect women, non-binary and trans identities.