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We are starting off 2022 with a quick look back at all that SPARK accomplished in 2021!

Thank you to everyone that attended our events, shared our posts, followed our newsletter, donated to our organization and in any way played a part in SPARK RJ NOW’s 2021! 


SPARK Organizing Intensive & LegislateThis!

Annual opportunity for both new and experienced organizers and activists to dig deep and advocate on pressing issues that affect our community across identities.

The Game of RJ Scattergories

Virtual game night for folks to sit back, relax, and get to know the SPARK staff through a fun and engaging game!


4-part listening session in collaboration with NGP that served as a space to discuss Trans Reproductive Healthcare and resources for community members. This space served as an opportunity for community building and dialogue.

FYRE Media Justice Conference

Annual program centering the multiple facets of RJ as well as the various ways organizations and individuals organize and advocate around RJ and other social justice issues.

Crisis Pregnancy Center Reviewathon

In collaboration with Amplify GA and URGE GA, this reviewathon was an opportunity for folks to learn about CPCs and leave truthful Google reviews for these institutions.

SPARK’s Giving Month

Giving Tuesday…but for the entire month of November. We highlighted specific programs that folks could support throughout the month of November. 

Sunday Dinner

Dinner that gave Local Queer and Trans people a home for the holidays! We ate pie, enjoyed one another’s company and showed up for one another during the holidays.

Monthly Base Member Meetings

Topics included the following: yoga; resume and cover letter workshop; meditation and centering practices; astrology 101; Black August; alternative birth control methods; Queer and Trans family planning; political education.


LITE Fellowship invested in, enhanced, and developed the leadership of six Black Trans Folx and Folx who exist outside the binary throughout the state of Georgia. Members left with skills that will allow them to advocate and culturally organize around Trans reproductive healthcare. This fellowship is specifically an entry point for passionate young (18-35) Black individuals who are Trans or don’t exist within the binary in the state of Georgia to engage in organizing and advocacy work. 

The fellows led a variety of programming to share resources as well as provide a safe space for gender expansive folks to commune. The programming includes:

Da Beat

2-part series that was a safe space to discuss gender euphoria and access while also providing makeup tutorials for Trans and Gender Expansive folks.

The Power in our Names: Using the magic of art to amplify our stories

3-part series that served as a space to discuss and share community members’ name-change experiences while also uplifting the name change process and resources to low-cost or free name change access. Throughout the series the fellows spoke with Trans artists who used their art to discuss their personal gender journeys as well as share their experiences with the name change process.


Concluded our strategic planning process that allowed us to realign our values, envision our future work, and collaborate on the growth and development of SPARK. 

Secured resources that allowed us to expand our internal capacity and infrastructure, including expanding and strengthening our HR structure.

Intentionally created organizational and staff development structures.

Provided over 10k in mutual aid directly to our community.

Built upon and strengthened our grassroots, local, state-wide, regional and national partnerships that allows us to expand our reach.

Updated our mission, vision, and values to reflect our organizational work and culture.

Brought on 3 new board members.

Brought on a new Community Organizer.


Wrote and submitted comments on proposed ruled from HUD, HHS, and other federal agencies suggesting revisions that would make these policies better tailored to the needs of SPARK’s base.

Reviewed, suggested edits, and signed on to amicus briefs in court cases that deal with relevant RJ issues, as well as testimony and letters making demands of legislators and other representatives.


Amplify Steering Committee (Georgia RJ Agenda)

Finished a strategic planning process that established Amplify as a hub for Georgia’s RJ Agenda. The RJ Agenda includes Passing the Reproductive Freedom Act, Defunding Anti-Abortion Centers, Uprooting Racism in Gynecology Care, and expanding health care access for people who give birth. Through Amplify we launched the agenda, co-hosted RJ Advocacy Day, co-hosted the People’s Health Forum, spoke at one of Atlanta’s RJ Commission’s meetings, a Community Call on abortion bans, and a Georgia’s first Abortion Speakout.

Black RJ Policy Agenda

In partnership with In Our Own Voice, we contributed to and released the Black RJ Agenda.

CPC Working Group

Hosted multiple opportunities for community members to learn about CPCs. We hosted a CPC Reviewathon and left about 90 CPC Google reviews. 

In Our Own Voice

Held RJ Week of Action.


Launched the LITE fellowship and held Parley listening sessions.

RJ for Black Lives

Started planning roundtable conversation for southern Reproductive Justice and Racial Justice.


Hosted a happy hour

SIP (State Infrastructure Project)

Trans Legislative Defense partnerships and coalitions

Hosted a hearing for Democratic lawmakers on trans kids’ access to playing on sports teams that aligned with their gender


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Thank you again for an amazing 2021!

We were able to accomplish so much thanks to your participation, contribution and support! 

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