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Get Lit & Chill: A TDOV Watch Party
03/29/19 7PM-until
This isn’t your everyday Netflix and Chill!

Join Us in celebrating Trans Day of Visibility as we have a watch party centering Trans Visibility. We will also have a discussion on Queer Politics and true Trans Visibility in arts and culture!

*Food and Drinks will be provided*
This space is prioritized for QTPOC folx

Holiday House Party
1045 Walker Ave SE
12/24/19 7PM-until
Need a Space to come for the holidays? Come chill with our family!
For Queer and Trans People of color specifically, the holidays can be a period when folx feel the most isolated. Friends going away for the holidays and not having a family or one you feel comfortable going home to can be isolating.
Well, SPARK has opened our arms and provided a space for folx. This holiday house party will have food, music, fun and so much more!
This space is to soundboard events for our Trans Leadership Initiative, as well as discuss how you can charge your self politically through some of our upcoming events at the top of the YEAR. Hope to see you there family!!!
We would love if folx brought over some of their favorite dishes to share your holiday glee!

TDOR Sunday Brunch
2861 East Point Street
11/18/18 12PM-2PM
Join Spark Reproductive Justice Now! for music, collective conversation, commemoration of our Trans & GNC ancestors and also a celebration of one another.
*Trans and GNC folx will be prioritized*
Food and drinks will be provided

To Freedom! Finding True Sexual Liberation for your GNC or Trans Body
The Bakery
11/17/18 1PM
Join Kelli and the Trans Leadership Initiative at SFQP’s TRANS PWR Fest!
We will be hosting a conversation titled, “To Freedom!: Finding True Sexual Liberation for your GNC or Trans Body”!