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Tyeone Barner (they/he)
Board Member

Tyeone’s organizing experience began in their hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when they led in protest safety training efforts and political theory dialogues following the murder of Alton Sterling in 2016. They moved to Atlanta the following year in 2017. Six years into their residency in Atlanta, Tyeone has since organized with orgs like AUC Shut It Down!, SONG Power, and SPARK to stand against sexual violence, policing and other threats to reproductive justice.

They have connected into several communities that hold space for their intersecting identities: organizer, creative, writer, truth teller, liberation-seeker — and most abundantly present in how they show up in any space — unapologetically black and queer. 

Tyeone was one of SPARK’s inaugural fellows back in 2018. They continued through nonprofit in HIV work as a Lead Prevention Specialist at another nonprofit based in Atlanta. Their work as a specialist prioritized countering the narrative and stigma faced by black and brown, queer and trans people against their sexuality.

Tyeone is deeply committed to the work that centers the needs of our people. They currently work in social innovation with the GreenLight Fund, where they’ve married their community engagement experience with skill sets targeted at leveraging resources in coalition with others to bring solutions toward the survival, liberation and wellness of our people.